Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a little bit about me, your host

haha i never know where to start these things...
well, i suppose i ought to tell you that my name's oliver. i suppose you could say that my mates and i are the adventurous sort, which is why i've decided to make this blog. i wouldn't want to forget about all the stuff we've done, now would i? though they'll probably kill me for it, i'll give you my friends names too, so you guys don't get confused. mostly we just chill together, but if there's a new face i'll let you guys know.
first of all, there's eric. he's the crazy artist. he could probably draw anything for you within a matter of minutes, and it'll be excellent. the only bad part is that while you're admiring it, he'll crumple it up and throw it away. he hates being in the spotlight, which is one of the reasons i've introduced him first. everyone clap for eric!
next there's jeremy. we pretend not to know him sometimes. not that he's a bad kid, he's just really bad for our image :D jk, jeremy! he's pretty sick all the time and really dependent on eric for normal things like air, but he's really cute, so we keep him as a pet. only joking, jeremy, no need to get so upset.
as you can probably tell, we tease him a lot. in a good way.
then there's stefan. i probably spelled his name wrong, but he probably won't care. he's pretty laid back, loves stuffed animals, and is entirely pessimistic. he likes really strange music and bullies me into liking it, too. because of him i've been completely ruined, and i love it.
lastly, there's me. oliver. you'll probably know all the things you need to know about me from my writing, so i don't really need to give you a description, do i? well then, how about an interesting fact that'll probably play into some of the things i post: i'm blind in my right eye. it's a recent thing, so some of my pictures have me being completely normal, but as of now i'm growing my hair out over it because patches are gay when they're not just for show. i'll probably tell the blindness story at a later date, so stay tuned everyone.
i guess that's all i have time for right now. man, i wrote a lot. thanks for everyone who sat through that and read the whole thing, i hope it was interesting enough. later
-oliver monday